About Us

Over the last 36 years, the Mattress America team has sold over 1.5 million mattresses. Yes, that's right 1.5 million!
Mattress America has put thousands of hours into perfecting the perfect nights' sleep and we are proud to announce that we have delivered the ultimate memory foam mattress. From twin size mattresses up to king size mattresses, Mattress America has ensured that every product we sell is up to par with your sleeping expectations. We have always told our customer that they have the best mattress money can buy and we are excited for you to join the club of thousands of other Americans that have jumped on board and went with Mattress America.
We strive to do our best make the best product we can. Since our very first customer received delivery of their new mattress back in 1979. Our warranty rates are among the lowest in the industry because we make the highest quality mattress for the best price. Also, our repeat customer rates are among the highest in the industry. Mattress America has worked hard to create customers for life.