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I was nervous to order a mattress with out seeing and testing it person. But after looking around I figured I would take a chance. Plus it was a good deal. After getting it the mart seemed very well made and not cheap looking. After my first night I love the mattress. I have had two back surgerys l. I have two plates and six screws in my back. I love how it's half spring mattress and half memory foam. It's not to soft or to firm. Would definitely recommend this mattress.

- Clay, April 6, 2017

Needed a bed for our son's new house for us to sleep on when visiting him. Wanted something easy to deliver and assemble. This came in a box that the boy drug into the bedroom. Opened up a couple of days before we arrived and viola instant queen size bed by the time we got there! Got the higher frame that most people bought when ordering this and it put the bed up to a traditional height. We are traditional bed people (65 years old) and have only slept on box spring and mattresses our entire lives. Little concerned when I ordered but price and convenience could not be beat. This mattress turned out to be GREAT. Both my wife and I are very pleased with the firmness and comfort of this mattress. Bonus pillows turned out great also. The Gel Memory Foam mattress has new believers in us. Very satisfied and highly recommend.

- G. Hect, February 7, 2017

After tons of research and years of aches and pains: my Husband and I decided to make the leap from traditional interspring mattress and box spring to memory foam. One thing that attracted us to this mattress was the cooling option. My Husband is a furnace and I'm the one that kicks off the covers at night. We picked this mattress with hopes of bridging the gap. Also the firmness was an attraction. Lastly was the Lack of movement when the other person would move or get out of bed. We both think that we have hit all three points with this beautiful mattress. He has cooled down at night, we are both delighted with the firmness, and I don't wake up the Hubby when I get out of the best 4 times a night when checking on our Grandchildren kids, our furry Children, etc though the night....great buy for any couple

- Angela P McGee, March 2, 2017

This was a great buy. It arrived quickly and i couldnt be more pleased with the result. It was easy to un package and fluffed up quickly to every bit 12 inches. I have had trouble finding sheets that will fit properly lol. It is very comfortable though a little firm if you are someone who wants a really soft bed. It is just right for me. I love how it comes with a special cover that is easily removed. It looks like a tempur pedic but at a fraction of the cost.

- Kat Addington, February 17, 2017

Artic Infusion Gel
Artic infused Gel™ Memory foam helps regulate your overall sleep temperature

Memory foam conforming comfort and support


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